Audio Ltd.

Audio Ltd. is a London based manufacturer for wireless microphone systems. Well known from previous systems such as RMS 2020 and 2040 series, but also known for their EN2 systems. New is the full digital systems, the Audio Ltd. A10 series. A very high quality system with  a very good sound and low delay. Because of the digital transmission it is now possible to use as much as 20 transmitters in one TV band. The transmitters A10-TX have a recorder with TimeCode built in. The A10-RX receivers are "dual" & SuperSlot compatible. At the end of September 2018 Audio Ltd. released the A10-RACK . A 19″ / 1U rack with Dante for 4x A10-RX(8 channels).

New Firmware for A10-TX and A10-RX v2.50 incorporating Full User Group integration.

Noyz Boyz Audio is exclusive distributor for The Netherlands for Audio Ltd. A10 Digital.
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